KidCadCrowns® 2.0

KidCadCrowns® 2.0 alternatives

Steel-crowns, which were invented by Dr. Humphrey in 1950, and zircon-crowns are available alternatives as a precaution for dental cavities.

The previously available tooth-colored dental crowns were manufactured out of zircon. Zircon proofs to be a very hard material which, and when used, needs a change in how to prepare the teeth accordingly. Other crowns especially for the anterior-teeth, are metal-crowns with opaque or synthetic parts in the vestibular region.

Hard crown materials, especially when used on the pre-molars or molars, can lead to children's unilateral misalignment of the condyle and improper burdening of the jaw.

The material of the KidCadCrowns® 2.0 acts very harmonically within a child's mouth.

KidCadCrowns® 2.0 alternatives