KidCadCrowns® 2.0

The KidCadCrowns® 2.0

We are the manufacturer of KidCadCrowns® 2.0.

Operating from Hamburg, Germany, we - the vFM dental laboratory - dedicate ourselves to dental crowns especially designed for children.

We are the manufacturer of KidCadCrowns® 2.0. Children's dental crowns that are not manufactured from zircon or steel, but industrially polymerize thermoplastic PMMA.

These crowns are available for the primary molars 4 and 5 and for the first molars with a range of six different sizes, as well as four different sizes for the anterior teeth. The thickness of the crowns' walls estimates at 0,4mm and 0,8mm occlusal, for both the primary molars and the anterior teeth.
There are two options available for the crowns' walls thickness for the primary molars as well as the first molars:
1st option: 0,4mm wall thickness / 0,6mm occlusal
2nd option: 0,8mm wall thickness / 0,8mm occlusal